Infobit iWall 360


The INFOBIT iWall 360 is a Fanless Creative Video Wall Controller that offers 4K HDMI input and Four HD HDMI Outputs. It supports audio and any degree rotation on each output.

One 4K HDMI input, four HDMI outputs. Each Output supports resolutions up to 1080p Full HD and 1920×1200
Custom pre-set layouts
HDCP compliant. Supports audio
Unlimited daisy chain expansion feature supports gigantic video walls
Supports any degree rotation on each individual output, to enable unlimited creative video wall layout
Output image overlapping support for edge blending projectors
Bezel Compensation for all types of displays provides an accurate image displaying
Arbitrary up and downscaling
Supports arbitrary crop of the input content and upscale or downscale of cropped part
Programmable Input EDID provides customized input resolution and frame rate
Supports both Progressive and Interlaced video signal
Supports dual Ethernet ports for daisy chain setting


Model iWall 360
Processor FPGA architecture, with no built-in x86/x64 architecture, enables higher computational accuracy and operational stability.
Starting time (Time interval from pressing the staring button to there are images on the screen) ≤10s.
Input Resolution 3840*2160@30, 3840*2160@25, 2560*1600@60, 1920*1200@60 and downward compatible
Audio Embed and analog audio.
Output Resolution 1920*1200@60 and downward compatible
MTBF  96,000 hours
Color Depth 32 bits
Bandwidth of control port 100M
Power Supply 110-220V AC
Seamless switch Maximum transmission delay time≤15ms
Response time of opening windows <15ms
Response time of calling a scene <15ms