Xcellence Outdoor Solutions


Xcellence OLS has been recognized as one of the best outdoor LED solutions available at the moment. With unique parameters and intelligent on-board features, our outdoor products are designed and manufactured at the highest European quality standards to withstand even the most harsh/severe environments like in the GCC.

Full IP65 sealed products together with Xcellence exclusive UFLP (Ultra-fast led Pulsing system) and PCS (Passive Cooling system) results in Superb outdoor products which are resistant for lifetime against sea climate, dust, salt environment, moisture etc and all this without the need of air-conditioning nor forced ventilation. All products empowered by Intravision high-end LED processing technology. Designed & Developed in Europe at the highest standards and quality levels – Highest quality certification.


  • Xcellence special selected AAA-grade ultra-black 3in1 SMD POWER OUTDOOR LED has the best characteristics and performances resulting in a beautiful and seamless high-end professional LED screen and this at unseen brightness with the highest contrast and black levels
  • All parts can be easily accessed via front or rear service
  • Superb images at the highest contrast ratio, broadcast-quality grayscale processing, a perfect color uniformity and white balance are key elements
  • Standard cabinet size is 960 x 960mm and can be customized
  • Special curving locking system and cabinets to obtain smooth convex/concave curving are available